• Drive up organic retention
    with our user interest API.

  • A Solution for the Retention Problem

    77% of app users stop using apps within 3 days.
    Portrait is changing this.
  • Our Impact

    We've improved 125M+ users' experiences.

Finally, a user interest API to drive up organic retention!

Our Impact

125M+ users' experiences have been improved by
Portrait already

The Retention Problem We're Solving

77% of app users stop using apps within 3 days.
Portrait is changing this.

Understand What Each User Cares About

Use Cases


The first experience you provide your users will define whether they 'get' your value proposition. Portrait gives you the understanding of your user’s preferences so you can create that personalized & magical first (and every) experience for them.


The average app loses 77% of its users to inactivity within the first three days of installation. Portrait gives you the data engage and re-engage your users with messaging filled with content tailored to their interests and personas.


From Cold Start to Warm Welcome

Status Quo

In a popular social bookmarking app, content for first time or non-signed in users is generic and not tailored to user's individual interests.

The Portrait Effect

Portrait automagically helps you personalize your content on the very first app open. Content shown can immediately be relevant to each user.

  • Current

  • Personalized

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Smarter, Personalized Notifications

Smart Notifications

With Portrait at your fingertips, you'll know your users better than ever. Guiding and assisting them at the right time is the key to creating a satisfying and sticky user experience

Predictive Assistance

Push notifications that are the most relevant to the user's intentions and aspirations.

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Plug & Play

Easily use with your existing notification tools:

How to Integrate Portrait With Your App

Android Integration Steps

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